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Four Seasons Hotel Tunis is a brand new luxury hotel in the gulf of Tunis just 20 minutes from the airport. It is conveniently located in a touristy town known as Gammarth which is upmarket seaside resort area, known for its expensive hotels and shops. The hotel is about 15 km from the Archaeological Site of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

As soon as I arrived to the hotel, I was welcomed by the security personal at the main gate till I arrived the front desk. Front Desk personal were so gentle, kind and welcoming.

Check the below mozaic to see the hotel’s building photos:

As part of Four Seasons policy, they send emails to their guests welcoming them to the property, providing them with information help them to max their stay and checking if they need any special help or request. So, I had communication with their guest experience manager, and she was amazing. She left a note to call when I show up and she came right away to welcome me to the hotel, ensure my checking in is smooth and walk me to my suite where she told me that she picked personally to ensure a wonderful stay. Honestly, she is a walking example of her position title and she worked hard to have me a memorable stay.

Check the below mozaic to see the hotel’s landscape photos:


The hotel is newly opened in late of 2017, therefore; the rooms are all finely furnished accented with traditional Tunisian elements and neoclassical decor that make rooms warm and inviting. The overall effect is luxurious but thoughtful Tunisian additions, such as the wooden windows frame and Tunisian rugs make room


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